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Dek-King® is an excellent Synthetic Teak Decking alternative to the traditional wooden decking but with the advantages of modern technology. Our PVC based decking material will give an appearance that it is almost indistinguishable from real teak,

The Color fast pigmenting and graining gives Dek-king an authentic look. Combine this with the fact that each strip actually includes its own caulking edge and tongue and groove ends, the end result will look like something laid by a traditional craftsman.

Dek-King will continue to look like newly installed teak decking year after after most teak decks have faded and split. Our synthetic teak is non porous which means that water, oil, and dirt does not penetrate the material. Dek-King requires no oiling, varnishing, sanding or scraping. Cleaning is simple just use soap and water. Fish blood and Red wine will wash away easily without staining the teak flooring.

Unlike teak it also can be pressure / power washed. Just some soap and water will do the trick

We are confident that our composite decking planks are the market leading alternative to wooden decking on boats which can be applied to almost any surface, including GRP, metals and timber.

Compared with traditional teak decking, Dek king is a cheaper, weighs less, has lower maintenance and is quicker and easier to install. It is colored throughout it's thickness so it will not fade, and has impressive non slip and sound dampening properties, even more than the typical painted non-slip or real teak decking. It is resistant to stains and dents and is virtually maintenance free.

The material we use is UV stabilized and is coloured throughout its thickness and it will retain its classic appearance for many years. Our product has been tested in some of the warmest places on earth. Around 6 years ago we installed our product on a number of house boats in Dubai. In 2006 our product was installed on a number of water Taxis in Dubai. 3 years ago we installed our Dek-king on a houseboat in India.

We have also been supplying our material to shipyards for installation on cruise liners and super yachts as well as Interior designers, Interior consultants, and decorators world-wide. We have special prices for bulk or regular orders.

Please note that unless stated otherwise: 9 x 2.25m lengths of 50mm Dek-King will cover an area of 1m²

Our Services

Our Composite pvc teak-effect boat decking material can transform the appearance of your boat, as well as improving deck safety and saving you time on maintenance. Our products offer all the benefits of modern advances in boating technology, while retaining the traditional timber deck appearance of your boat. In addition, we offer excellent customer service and an attention to detail that ensures customer satisfaction.

We offer a full range of services to suit your boat, and your budget. Read through the following options and see which is best for you.

Option 1: Full Professional Fitting Service (Only available locally)

One of our fitters will contact you to discuss your detailed requirements, including the approximate areas to be decked. Design options, deck fittings, hatches, schedules and estimated costs will all be discussed prior to fitting. Our fitter will then come to you to manufacture and install your new boat deck onsite, giving you the best possible results.

Option 2: Mat Production - made to template

You can either make the templates yourself or one of our fitters can make these for you onsite. Professional Dek-king mats will then be constructed from these templates and dispatched to you with a full installation pack. The Dek-king installation guide is available here, which describes exactly what is required for the self-installation of your new boat deck.


Option 3: Basic Mat Production

We provide pre-fabricated panels made without margins. These are made in various standard sizes please contact us for further details. Having the main construction work done in advance offers you a good balance between time and cost considerations.

Option 4: Product Material Only

The the full “Do-It-Yourself” option. We supply all necessary materials and advice to enable you to plan, prepare and fit your own deck. This is the most cost effective option as you save money on mat production and installation. Besides, it's fun to deck your own boat.



Boat Builders, Ship Yards, Yacht Designers, Dealers.

We have special prices for boat and yacht builders, ship yards, yacht designers and Dealers. We have a minimum order requirement though. Please feel free to contact us for further details. We ship World-Wide.

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